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Embrace the Light x Healing Haus


November 2024
Inner Child

Meet your Healers


Tanya Alexis of Embrace the Light is a gifted healer who meets you where you are in order to reacquaint you with your deepest self. A certified Reiki Master, yoga teacher, healing photographer, sound healer, clairvoyant, and certified crystal healer, she is a highly intuitive and gifted guide for your greatest good. In her intuitive healing sessions, she sources from a mixture of her accredited background as well as aura and chakra healing techniques, creating the most harmonious balance for each session. Her mission is simple: to aid you in the release of anything that no longer serves you, to help you fill back up with your own energy, your own essence, so that you can live your life from your brightest version of yourself.

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Amy Miller is the Healer/Owner of Healing Haus where she relies on a blend of what she affectionately refers to as The Work & The Woo, to empower clients to take their healing into their own hands. Modalities like Reiki energy healing, cacao, sound healing and embodiment pair beautifully with coaching and subconscious reprogramming to address your needs holistically and bring you closer to your own authentic alignment. Amy is curiosity-driven and on a constant quest to deepen her knowledge, which she loves to share with you in sessions and events. She has a special affinity for Heart Work, which was been integral on her own journey. She is skilled at holding deep & safe space as a loving witness while you spin your struggles into gold. 

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