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Past Life Regression
A journey of remembering who you have been

"It is not more surprising to be born twice than once"

Image by Zoltan Tasi

There is no doubt that our experiences shape us, and that understanding these experiences can shed light on who we are and what we need. But what about the experiences from lifetimes before that are beyond the edge of our conscious memory - what gifts wait there for us behind the veil? 

Resolution of fears, phobias and physical symptoms, understanding of interpersonal dynamics, answers to questions we've held close to our heart - it's all possible! Whether your quest is inquiry driven, or pure curiosity, a Past Life Regression can reveal answers and remind you of your capacity and personal power.

A Past Life Regression is exactly what it sounds like - a journey backwards to life experiences you've had as this same soul but in different identities. This is achieved by coming into a deep meditative state, through hypnosis or guided meditation. From here you will be taken on a journey to past iterations of your lives, as your subconscious reveals them to you.

You are in full control during the regression and will have opportunity to perceive experiences and speak about them. We will search for meaningful moments and draw lessons from past lifetimes that apply to your current existence. We leave space for healing & magic along the way. At the end of the session, you will awaken back to this life feeling energized, awake, and remembering everything that transpired.

My Connection to PLR

I heard of PLR when I was in highschool, from my beloved psychology teacher. It was my first exposure to the topic but it struck a chord in my soul and I not only knew it to be true, I was deeply fascinated by the idea. Years and years later at a retreat, someone mentioned the book Many Lives, Many Masters which I promptly bought a copy of and devoured.

I experienced my own Past Life Regression in 2019 and was blown away by my discoveries. I recognized some loved ones in other lifetimes and felt so in awe of the lives my soul has lived. I was filled with a deep peace and trust for my capacity after seeing all that I had weathered. I could feel so much connection and compassion and love for this current messy life, knowing that it's a temporary part of a much larger journey.

When the opportunity arose to train under Brian Weiss M.D., the book's author and a well-respected and accredited therapist, I didn't think twice. It was an absolute dream and he's one of the most gracious, loving and kind humans I've ever met.

My fascination for PLR only intensifies as I lovingly guide you through your own discoveries of the deepest parts of yourself. It's the utmost pleasure to accompany you on these journeys, witnessing you experience "brand new" yet familiar feelings, and seeing you re-emerge with a sense of pure and incredulous awe and wonder.

Image by Gabriella Clare Marino

Past Life Regressions

  • In person 1:1

  • In person group

  • Virtual 1:1

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