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Cacao is a beloved part of Amy's daily practice and has been a huge catalyst on her journey to joy. Coupled with heart-opening meditation, Cacao has transformed Amy's life. 

Cacao is a natural source of antioxidants and magnesium, but its benefits go far beyond physical health. Cacao contains compounds that elicit a bliss, love and euphoria response in the body. It also dialates the blood vessels, allowing for deeper breath in physical activies and breathwork practices. Cacao can also help increase focus during meditation.

Cacao does contain caffeine, though it works on the cardiovascular system directly, whereas caffeine from coffee impacts the nervous system. Even those sensitive to caffeine normally tend to tolerate Cacao much better. There are some contraindications, so please get in touch if you are interested in partaking in Cacao.

Look for Cacao in Amy's offerings like Heart Work or Cacao Circles, or purchase a brick to enjoy at home!  Amy partners with Keith's Cacao which she finds to be the highest vibe experience!

Keiths Cacao.HEIC
16oz brick $50 + $8 shipping 
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How to Cacao:

Breaking the brick:

I invite you to set an intention for your brick of cacao - if you purchased directly from me, your brick has been infused with Reiki and loving intention. Whenever working with cacao, it is best to treat the time as sacred like a ritual. Clearing, listening to music or simply being present during your time all contributes to the highest vibrational experience. I like to cut my brick all at once on a cutting board with wax paper. I then use the wax paper to slide the cacao bits into a mason jar or other container. Some bricks will crumble quite easily due to the natural "bloom" (separation of cacao butter) and others will be a little more like shaving a bar of chocolate.



For daily use, I started with .7oz of cacao to 4oz of water, and now use 1.2oz of cacao to 5oz of water, but feel free to play with ratios until you like the consistency. For a ceremonial dose I'll use closer to 1.5oz of cacao and 6oz of water. I use MudWater's hand blender to combine but you could also use a food processor, blender, or stir very well. Feel free to invite in the spirit of cacao, set a daily intention with each cup, and let it be a quiet, reflective time. I typically meditate while I sip my cacao, but to be honest there are some busy days where I just drink it while getting ready. There is no right or wrong way to cacao! You can add honey, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, or any non-dairy milk (dairy offsets the effects of cacao.) Some people use it before creative projects, some people use it before working out, others use it as a coffee substitute - whatever comes intuitively is perfect.



If you have any furry friends, please take caution as cacao is extremely toxic for them. My June isn't interested in it, but there may be other pets who are.

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