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Past Life Regression
A journey of remembering who you have been


Image by Zoltan Tasi

There is no doubt that our experiences shape us, and that understanding these experiences can shed light on who we are and what we need. But what about the experiences from lifetimes before that are beyond the edge of our memory - what gifts wait there for us behind the veil? 

Resolution of fears, phobias and physical symptoms, understanding of interpersonal dynamics, answers to questions we've held close to our heart - it's all possible! Whether your quest is inquiry driven, or pure curiosity, a Past Life Regression can reveal answers and remind you of your capacity and personal power.

A Past Life Regression is exactly what it sounds like - a journey backwards to life experiences you've had as this same soul but in different identities. This is achieved by coming into a deep meditative state, through hypnosis or guided meditation. From here you will be taken on a journey to past iterations of your lives.

You are in full control during the regression and will have opportunity to perceive experiences and speak about them. We will search for meaningful moments and draw lessons from past lifetimes that apply to your current existence. We leave space for healing & magic along the way. At the end of the session, you will awaken back to this life feeling energized, awake, and remembering everything that transpired.

My Connection to PLR

I first heard of PLR when I was in highschool, from my psychology teacher. I had never heard of it before but it struck a chord in my soul and I not only knew it to be true, I was deeply fascinated by the idea. Years later at a retreat, 

Areas of Healing

  • Heart Opening & Healing

  • Overcoming Codependency & People Pleasing

  • Releasing Limiting Beliefs

  • Self Love, Self Care, Self Choosing

  • Living in Energetic Alignment

  • Inner Child Work

  • Managing Anxiety Naturally

  • Igniting Your Personal Power

  • Anything you're seeking support in

We will meet virtually for an hour, weekly for 12 weeks. You can expect a loving witness, thoughtful questions, empowering support, guidance for playing with the energies you are working with, between session check-ins, and self work in our co-creative container. We will pull from the above modalities and anything else that may be of benefit. Coaching clients also have access to monthly Heart Work Workshop sessions during their 12 week container.


This path is for those who desire for different. For those who realize the current way isn't working and there's got to be more than this. This path is for those who desire to take an active approach to their healing. Yes we lean on the Woo, but there is also the Work. The showing up for the self, the bringing 100% effort, the overriding resistance and expanding beyond your comfort zone. Those small daily promises to the self which create a foundation for true self esteem.

Image by Gabriella Clare Marino

Past Life Regressions

  • In person 1:1

  • In person group

  • Virtual 1:1

If you are feeling the call to bring your healing into your own hands and make the changes you've been craving in your life, let's connect. Schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery call with Amy to learn more about The Work and The Woo, If it feels aligned, we will move forward with scheduling, the intake form and the agreement.

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